Formation VMware vSAN: Plan and Deploy

VMware vSAN: Plan and Deploy 

Course Modules

1 Course Introduction

• Introductions and course logistics

• Course objectives

 2 Introduction to vSAN

• Describe vSAN architecture

 • Identify vSAN objects and components

• Describe the advantages of object-based storage • Describe the difference between All-Flash and Hybrid vSAN architecture

• Explain the key features and use cases for vSAN

• Discuss the vSAN integration and compatibility with other VMware technologies

3 Planning a vSAN Cluster

 • Identify requirements and planning considerations for vSAN clusters

• Apply vSAN cluster planning and deployment best practices

• Determine and plan for storage consumption by data growth and failure tolerance

• Design vSAN hosts for operational needs

• Identify vSAN networking features and requirements • Describe ways of controlling traffic in a vSAN environment

 • Recognize best practices for vSAN network configurations

4 Deploying a vSAN Cluster

• Deploy and configure a vSAN cluster using the Cluster Quickstart wizard

• Manually configure a vSAN cluster using vSphere Client

 • Explain and configure vSAN fault domains

 • Using VMware vSphere® High Availability with vSAN

 • Understand vSAN cluster maintenance capabilities

 • Describe the difference between implicit and explicit fault domains

• Create explicit fault domains

5 vSAN Storage Policies

• Describe a vSAN object

 • Describe how objects are split into components

 • Explain the purpose of witness components

• Explain how vSAN stores large objects

• View object and component placement on the vSAN datastore

 • Explain how storage policies work with vSAN

 • Define and create a virtual machine storage policy

 • Apply and modify virtual machine storage policies

 • Change virtual machine storage policies dynamically

 • Identify virtual machine storage policy compliance status

6 Introduction to Advanced vSAN Configurations

• Define and configure compression and deduplication in the vSAN cluster

• Define and configure encryption in the vSAN cluster

 • Understand the remote vSAN datastore topology

• Identify the operations involved in managing the remote vSAN datastore

• Understand the steps involved in creating the vSAN iSCSI target service

7 vSAN Stretched and Two-Node Clusters

 • Describe the architecture and use cases for stretched clusters

• Detail the deployment and replacement of a vSAN witness node

 • Describe the architecture and uses case for twonode clusters

• Explain the benefits of vSphere HA and vSphere Site Recovery Manager in a vSAN stretched cluster • Explain storage policies for vSAN stretched cluste

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VMware vSAN: Plan and Deploy

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